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Do Spells Work

No matter how many explanations are given, there is a question that keeps coming up: do spells work? I understand why many people still ask this question; it’s because it can be a challenge to show proof that a spell has worked. What makes it even worse is that many people come looking for spells and when these spells start working, they attribute the difference to their own intelligence. In this article, I want to try and answer the question.

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Do love spells work?

I think the question relating to whether any spells, including love spells work, is linked to a particular way of thinking about something that works. When many people ask if a spell works, they are actually asking, what proof is there that spells work? This is unfortunate because the proof is a subjective thing and it’s not as distinct as black and white. Believers will see the proof while the non-believers will never do because they are looking for evidence to the contrary.

Do love spells really work?

Also, as I try to answer this question, I want you to know that even though they are part of the magic, spells are not necessarily a magic bullet. Many other things have to be in place before we can even start talking about whether love spells really work. You have to have the belief and conviction that the love spell will work. You have to know which spells to cast, and you need to understand that the person helping you cast the spell is just as important for ensuring the spell will work like the spell itself.

Do spells really work?

I think instead of asking the question, do spells really work, we should rather be asking what we can do to make spells work. If we start by asking that question, we will then discover the importance of emotional attachment in ensuring that the spell we cast works. So, you will need to learn to bring together the emotions that will create the energy which will help the spell to work.

Does change your life spells work?

Many people change their lives by using spells every day, but they may never say this in public. Why? Because human beings have a way of judging all things they do not understand. They will cast aspersions at those who do things they do not understand, and they will make such people feel bad about the decisions they have taken. This is the reason why many people would rather cast the sells to change their lives in silence.

Do Wiccan spells work?

Often, when I have to answer the question, do Wiccan spells work, I ask another question: if they didn’t work, do you think millions of people would still believe in them? I always argue that people are not stupid; they will ignore things that do not change their lives. The fact that you are reading this and there are many people still turning to these spells means that there is something in them that really works.

How do you know if a spell is working?

When you cast a spell, you need to start off from a space where you totally understand what it is that you want to happen. If you want money, define the amount you are looking for. If you want love, state whom you want to fall in love with. Spells do not work with general information; they need you to be specific. When you are specifics, you will know when the spell starts to work, and you will be able to tell if the objectives you started with are being fulfilled.

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